9:14 am, Wednesday March 21st, 2018

Our wine of royalty!

Malvasia is sweet sun-dried dessert wine exclusively imported from Greece to Taverna Agora. The wine was sipped by Greek royalty and written about by Shakespere.  And now it’s being recognized by the News & Observer’s wine reporter, Amber Nimocks.

Production of Malvasia began before the 13th century, but the Turkish occupation at Monemvasia (the city in which the grape was cultivated) resulted in the destruction of the vineyards and the wine Malvasia ceased to exist. After hundreds of years of the wine being extinct, the Monemvasia Winery committed over decade to research and cultivation to bring the extinct wine back. In 2010 they succeeded and now produce small batches of the ancient wine.

Enjoy it here, with us, in our little Taverna.

You will not find this wine anywhere else in the US!